Our Partners

Outdoor play – nature’s way!

I was fortunate recently to enjoy a walk in the beautiful Peak District on a sunny spring day. While clambering over rocks and winding paths to reach the peak of a hill it dawned on me how important it is to connect with our natural landscapes. The feel of wind on the face, the smooth and weathered boulders under foot and the smell of fresh grass and bracken made me feel incredibly alive! It made me consider how necessary it is for children to experience the sensory elements of nature within the outdoor play areas that we provide. As I tested out which rocks were stable and which wobbled underfoot I thought how important it is for children to practise taking similar calculated risks in their own play. I have never been a fan of man-made playgrounds full of brightly coloured paint and rubberised floor surfaces. These environments have no link to the natural world and can feel sterile, uninspiring and do not challenge children to find their own way of doing things. That is why I have chosen to work in partnership with a company that creates innovative natural landscapes for young children: landscapes that use natural materials and create endless open-ended play opportunities to inspire children’s desires for and exploration and experimentation. I would be pleased to share their approach and help you connect with them. Please contact us for further details.