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What do clients say about pre inspection visits?

What do clients say about pre inspection support?

It is evident to me that good-quality provisions have effective self-evaluation systems. As a customer service provider myself, I constantly reflect on and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of my own services. In particular, I gather feedback from my clients after I have carried out a pre-inspection visit to find out how the experience helped them prepare for their real inspection. Analysis of this feedback highlights the main reasons clients choose my services are because of :

  • The professionalism and experience of the consultant
  • The format of the  inspection package

All clients wholeheartedly agree that the pre inspection support is ‘extremely or very useful’ in building the confidence and knowledge of the staff team. Here are some of their other comments.

  • ‘We have made excellent use of your support and your mock inspection reports have demonstrated strengths to all the staff and clearly defined the areas that we need to work on.  Thank you.’
  • ‘It was great quality and delivered exactly as planned and stated.’
  • ‘Great for staff to have gone through this experience before our Ofsted inspection. It gave them great confidence to sell themselves on the day.’
  • ‘It was robust and detailed, thank you.’
  • ‘We were very pleased with the professional way in which Hilary conducted the inspections. It definitely helped us as we had a real inspection a couple of months later.’
  • ‘The written report and recommendations highlighted specific action points which could be followed up.’
  • ‘We are really pleased with the report and the way you conducted the audit on the day.’