Nurseries & Groups

Services for day nurseries, pre-schools, nursery classes and EYFS units in schools, children’s centres and out-of-school clubs

Tailor made consultancy service to suit your individual requirements

  • babies paintingFull day
  • Half day
  • Twilight session
  • Evening session
  • Weekend session
  • Staff meetings
  • Regular monthly contracts
  • Mentoring

Key Packages


Workshops and training sessions are bespoke and written for your precise needs. Common topics include:

Children riding kids tricycles

  • Preparing for Ofsted inspections: helping all staff to understand the inspection process and build their confidence to perform well on the day
  • Thinking out of the box: developing grab ‘n’ go boxes for open-ended outdoor play
  • Introduction to schemas: recognising and planning for children’s schematic behaviour
  • Treasure baskets and heuristic play: exploring the theory and practical ideas
  • Communication matters: exploring strategies and practical ideas to support early communication, particularly for children with difficulties
  • Developing reflective practice and self-evaluation: the key to successful leadership and management
  • What is it like being two?: exploring the typical  development & behaviour of a two-year-old. Invaluable for anyone working with two-year-olds, especially in settings with mixed ages together
  • Let’s Think: Developing skills to develop children’s critical thinking
  • Introduction to empathic communication: strategies for managing behaviours, based on feelings and needs, which can be applied to child and adult behaviours.

Please contact us for further information or if you would like to discuss your specific training and consultancy needs.